The Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.


Shamballa City of Light

Ascended Masters are those Divine beings of Light who have acquired sufficient Love, Light, intention and desire for Service to God in life to have taken their ascension while in physical embodiment. There have always been a fair number of Divine Beings (Teacher/ Master-Guides) and Angels assisting the earthplane throughout our human history, but now they are much more apparent in our reality.

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The Ascended Masters who comprise the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa for this planet, are an integral part of the collective of the Brotherhood of the Light and are dedicated to assisting all life on the earth to achieve ascension. The celestial offices of the Spiritual Hierarchy are and always have been the guiding hand and governing body for this planet. There are, of course, other Hierarch in the collective who govern and guide other octaves of the multiverse, and these are most often part of the Councils of Light for each level of Creation, each world and star-system in God's Kingdom.

As we move ever nearer to our personal and planetary transformation into the Higher Realms of Light through the acquisition of the I-AM Consciousness or our Higher Self, the Brotherhood of the Light has become much more apparent in our lives and in our spiritual awareness, as they desire not to leave their brothers and sisters on Earth behind while all life in this Universe ascends. We are definitely reclaiming our heritage from the Ancient Mystery Schools as we enter once more into the Fifth Dimension.



What is Ascension?

Ascension is a natural evolutionary process for all lower worlds as they evolve to a Higher and Higher Light Focus. To ascend is to in-gather sufficient Divine Light within the structure of your four-body system (physical, emotional, mental & causal bodies) so that you naturally acquire a restructuring of Light within your very cellular structure, DNA and soul consciousness.

Ascension is a process of transformation into a Higher Light focus. Often this is done through a process of physical transfiguration such as that of Jesus, who carried the Christ Consciousness within throughout his teaching ministry. Sometimes, though, based on an individual’s free choice, it is a process of complete restructuring (or reforming of the lower body) into the Higher Lightbody of the soul’s original form, called the Ain Soph and hence an upliftment to Heaven and mergence with the Absolute Reality of the Mind of God. Most often, those leaving planetary duality and density choose transfiguration of the lower carbon-based body to elevate consciously and biophysically into their Lightbody.

Whereas ascension traditionally occurred after many dedicated lifetimes, it is now said to be available to any soul in the 21st century who has come into this incarnation prepared for deathlessness and full Christ Consciousness. The notion of ascension has typically attracted individuals more interested in eastern religions, spirituality, metaphysics, or those simply looking for a deeper meaning to their existing beliefs and experiences, but actually it is available to anyone who seeks liberation and freedom from human suffering.

Definition of the Ascended Masters

The principle definition of an Ascended Master is an individual who has undergone the process of Ascension. Throughout history, there have been stories of these individuals who have reached a higher state of spiritual awareness and placed themselves in service to humanity. The Book of Knowledge (1976) refers to the Ascended Masters as part of the Seventy Orders of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, that serve the Father-Creator Most High to bring forth a Field of Intelligence in the repairing of the Universe so that all beings in the Christed Universe can evolve into the Infinite Wisdom and Glory of the Eternal Mind of Source, YHWH.

What is An Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is a God-realized individual who by Self Conscious effort has generated enough Divine Love and Heavenly Power within himself to snap the chains of all human limitation, and so stands free and worthy to be entrusted with the use of Divine Forces beyond those of human experience. He realizes himself to be in the radiance of the Oneness of the Omnipresent God - “Life” - hence, all forces and powers obey his command because he is a Self-Conscious Being of Light under the Divine Radiance of the Father Creator Most High. He orchestrates free will, directing all he does by the manipulation of the Light within Himself. To be wrapped in the Radiance of an Ascended Master is to touch the coattails of Heaven. This is but one of the many Blessings awaiting those determined to pursue their Divine Destiny.

These Glorious teachers and guides, who guard and help the evolving human race, referred to as the Ascended Masters, are advanced beings of Love, Light, and Perfection. They are all the word Master implies because by bringing forth the Love, Wisdom and Power of the God Self within, they manifest their Mastery over all that is human. Hence, They have "Ascended" into the next expression above the human - which is Superhuman Divinity, Pure, Eternal, All-Powerful Perfection.

The Journey of the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters have all been where we are today, have faced the same challenges, and have mastered them by mastering themselves, for all attainment comes from within. As unascended men and women, they did not seclude themselves from the world, but lived at the very center of the events of their day. However, they did not allow outer circumstances to overtake them. Rather, they made their God Presence the center of their being and, from within the Reality of their I AM Presence, they mastered the forces of nature within themselves and thus were undeterred by forces outside of themselves. Having become their I AM Presence-in-Action upon the Earth, they were able, as did Jesus, to ascend into the fullness of their Presence at the conclusion of their final incarnation.

Now, as Masters of Life, beyond the mortal coil, they have vowed to assist our struggling humanity to fulfill its Divine Destiny through imparting their Love, their Light, their Wisdom, their very Life — and are urging us to boldly follow in their footsteps. As Jesus instructed, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be given unto thee and “Ye shall do all this and more”.  

The Mission of the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters who guide and help with the expansion of Light on this planet are God-realized Beings, not bound by time and space. Having come into embodiment, as you and I through the portals of birth, they walked the Earth fulfilling the inner calling of their God Presence day-by-day, lifetime after lifetime. They have mastered all the lesser things of this world, learning the lessons of life, balancing karma, fulfilling their Earthly mission and manifesting and becoming God in action. At the completion of their mission on Earth they achieved the ultimate Victory of their Ascension, which is the permanent integration with the light of their own true reality, their Mighty I AM Presence. They continue to stand ready to assist humanity to accomplish this same Goal of planetary ascension, and thus extend the Fires of their Hearts till all beings are received into their own Higher Light Focus. This is the true mission of the Great White Brotherhood of Light.

It is through the radiation or outpouring of their own Pure and Luminous Essence of Divine Love that an Ascended Master is able to help those who come under his care and direction. This Luminous Essence has within It the Highest Force in the Universe, for it dissolves all discord and establishes Perfect Balance in all manifestations. The Ascended Master's Body is constantly pouring out Rays of His Light Essence upon the discords of Earth, dissolving them like the rays of force which we call light and heat like our physical sun dissolves a fog. The radiation, which they pour out to humanity on Earth, is consciously drawn energy to which they give quality, and again send it out to accomplish a definite result. In this way they give protection thousands and thousands of times to persons, places, conditions, and things, of which mankind is totally oblivious.

The Ascended Master Realm

The Host of Ascended Masters are Beings of Great Light. They Serve from the Realms of Light that foster their mission and purpose under the direction of the Councils of Light that incorporate the Great White Brotherhood and the Order of Melchizedek, who is the Universal Logos of our Universe. They are real, tangible, glorious, living and caring friends of old who have such Love, Wisdom and Power that the human mind gasps at its immensity. They work everywhere in the universe with complete freedom and limitless power, to do naturally all that the average individual would consider supernatural.

The Ascended Masters are the wielders of such power and manipulators of such concentrated force as to stagger the imagination of the person in the outer world. The Ascended Masters are really Great Batteries of tremendous Power and Energy, and whatever touches Their Radiance becomes highly charged with Their Light Essence through the same activity that makes a needle kept in contact with a magnet take on its qualities, and become a magnet also. All Their Help and Radiation is forever a free Gift of Love. For this reason they never use any of their force to compel.

Shamballa - The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The Seven Ascended Masters who serve the advancement of all life on earth, together with the Lords and Ladies who serve the Brotherhood of Light for this quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, are located in an etheric retreat above the Gobi desert called Shamballa, which is part of the lower heavenly structure of the Spiritual Hierarchy that governs the Universe of the Creation of YHWH. The Light that is sent forth from the Father-Creator is sent forth directly into the many varied aspects of the Spiritual Hierarchy, both at a galactic and a planetary level. The Book of Knowledge (1976) states: “The Brotherhood of Light has clearly stated that Orion-Kesil is our stellar central control, for Orion is a dwelling place of the Living Light consciously and continuously sending the emanations of the Spiritual Hierarchy into the gravitational fields of the lower planetary worlds”.

According to these teachings, the Ascended Masters of Shamballa remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, and act as superintendents of its spiritual growth. In this, they can be seen as the Great White Brotherhood or Chohans (Lords) of the Twelve Planetary Rays, who train and safeguard those who are ready for spiritual advancement on the Path that leads to Earthly Ascension. The Masters of Shamballa are posited by various schools of Mysticism; and more remotely, to the Bodhisattvas of Buddhism, or the Saints of Orthodox Christianity that foster the human potential towards a Higher Spiritual Focus.

Working with the Ascended Master Teachers

The Ascended Masters are the Guardians of the race of men, and as in the world of physical education, various grades of teachers are provided to guide the development of the individual's growth from childhood to maturity, so do the Ascended Masters of Perfection exist to educate and help the individual that he too may expand his consciousness beyond ordinary, human expression.

Personal association with one or more Ascended Masters produces an intense feeling of Love and Gratitude that can never be put into words. Following such contact with Their Living Presence, there can be but one overwhelming desire displacing all other desires and that is to BE ALL THAT THEY ARE. Once a student has truly, even for a fraction of a second, experienced the Ecstatic Bliss radiating from an Ascended Being, there is nothing in human experience that one would not endure or sacrifice in order to reach Their Height of Attainment and express the selfsame Dominion and Love

Discipleship with the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Master has the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God. From Him nothing can be hidden. Each Master knows and sees all concerning the student, for He reads clearly the record, which the student has made. This reveals the state of the disciple's development - his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

To be chosen as a disciple or chela by an Ascended Master Teacher is a great honor and privilege. The Master’s desire is to enhance each individual’s personal growth until the chelas themselves have attained masterhood. Self-realization and self-mastery are the goals of the Ascended Master-Teacher, which are imparted by a series of training discourses, loving evaluations of the student, and ever-increasing knowledge of the Divine Order. Once a student evolves to a consciousness near to that of his Master-Teacher, he too begins the journey of Service and self-empowerment. Thus, he develops his superhuman attributes, until like the student graduating from college, the one under the care and instruction of an Ascended Master, graduates out of his humanity into the full, continuous expression of his Divinity.

Ascended Masters Who Have Ascended from the Earth.

The history of ascension predates Christianity, indeed extending back for thousands of years, yet the story of Jesus is one of the most widely known stories of ascension. In the bible when Mary Magdalene wants to reach out and touch Christ at the tomb, he says, "touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father." This has led to the idea that the ascension process is apparently so delicate that even the touch of an ordinary human, who still holds the concepts of limitation and separation, is enough to hold the ascension process back. (This does not explain how Jesus was then able to sit down and have a fish dinner with his disciples.) It is generally thought that one does not have to die in order to ascend, but the fact that Jesus was said to have died, then resurrected, then ascended, has led some people to believe that this must be the case for everyone. But in this Age of the Great Separation, those who ‘choose’ to ascend are those who are on the Path of Ascension that will bring them to that pinnacle of Light that will effect their transformation into their Lightbody and Higher Light Consciousness.

Other individuals with stories of earthly ascension include:

  • Hercules, following the completion of his twelve labors, the Greek hero was raised to Heaven and made a God by Zeus.
  • Virgin Mary, (Mother of Jesus); when Mary chose to ascend, one story says that she gathered up disciples around her to witness the event, and then she "consumed" herself, contrary to the Roman Catholic belief that Mary was simply "taken up into Heaven". Another story has Mary dying in a normal fashion, and her body placed at her own request in a sealed tomb, which was opened and found empty three days later.
  • Mohammad, the famous prophet of Islam is said to have ascended at the site of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
  • El Morya, who was a Rajput prince, also incarnated as King Arthur and as Thomas Moore. His ethics were so pure in all his incarnations, that he achieved one of the highest ranks possible for an ascended human from the earthplane. He is the Master of God’s Will and Power, the First Ray of the twelve Ray-Masters.
  • Mahatma Kuthumi, a Punjabi who attended Oxford University in 1850, authored the poem "The Dream of Ravan" published in the Dublin University magazine about 1854. His most notable incarnations were as Saint Frances and Johann Sebastian Bach. He vowed to assist, not only in the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza, but also help to found the Theosophical Society along with El Morya and St. Germain.
  • Serapis Bey, who brought forth the Eternal Flame from the Temple of the One in Atlantis, and who established his Etheric Ashram above Luxor in Egypt after his reign as pharaoh. Serapis Bey hails from the exulted ranks of the Seraphim Angels and has been the Guardian of Evolution since the inception of this Christed Universe.
  • Djwhal Khul, was a Tibetan who started out with the unlikely name of Gai Ben-Jamin. He is the only Ascended Master to take his full ascension in fifteen years, as previous Masters had taken one or more lifetimes to achieve that Light quotient. He was noted for the legend of his incarnation on Lemuria, where he assisted in rescuing valuable knowledge before the sinking of that continent. He later transmitted information to channeler, Alice Bailey in over 25 translations of the Teachings.
  • Saint Germaine, also known as "the Master Rakoczy", took his ascension in 1626 AD as Frances Bacon, but remained extant upon the Earth after his transformation. He was also Roger Bacon four hundred years earlier; he was Merlyn and Count de Saint Germaine, notable all over Europe in previous centuries. He was the true author of the Shakespearian manuscripts as Sir Francis Bacon, who actually faked his own death at age 65 of that lifetime, ascending in Transylvania under his Master-Teacher, Lord Rakoczy. Many believe that St. Germain, a mysterious individual reputed to be a "magician" who flourished in France and was widely known among the aristocracy just before the revolution of 1789, was already an Ascended Master, which is believed to explain his reputed magical powers.
  • Paul the Venetian took his ascension in the 16th century. His gift is Divine Beauty and he orchestrates that in all his students with his Power of Love & Beauty.
  • Hilarion, who was St. Paul in the time of Jesus, but took his ascension in 371 AD is St. Hilarion, a sanctified healer and holy hermit. Hilarion was the head of the Brotherhood of Truth in the time of Atlantis as well as a Master Healer.
  • Lord Sananda, who was the avatar known as Jesus, who carried the consciousness of the Lord Christ (from the Godhead) for three years of earthly life. It was the Lord Christ who actually ascended from the cross, while Jesus (Yeshua) was rescued from the tomb and healed. He taught for forty-five years post the attributed ascension in Mt. KRML. Yeshua took his actual ascension two lifetimes later, when he took the name of Sananda. He is now a principle part of the Ascension Plan for Earth, working with Lord Maitreya and St. Germain.

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