The Godhead

As we proceed further up the ladder of Enlightenment and Upliftment, we are becoming more aware of the full panoply of Heaven. Within the many aspects of Heaven, which is often referred to as The Many Mansions, there exists one Eternal Realm of Light, created from the beginningless beginning and sovereign to all other Realms of Light.

The Godhead is the foremost part of the structure of Heaven, surrounded by the Highest ranks of Angels and the Mighty Elohim. The 24 Elohim are the Elder Lords of Light, who are permitted to sit at the Throne of the Father and who from time to time leave the Presence to go forth and create in the Father's Name the Realms of the Elohim. The two Highest Ranks of Angels that are in the Presence are the Cherubim and Seraphim; the Cherubim surround the Godhead and give glory and praise, while the Seraphim are appointed to be the orchestrators of the Father's Divine Master Plan.

Together with the Lord Christ who is seated at the Father's Right hand, these High Holy Ones form the Realms of Intelligence that serve the Will of the Creator Most High, Ancient of Days, Present of Days, and Future of Days.

Within this center of Divine Power of the Godhead are derived the Twelve Councils of Light that carry forth the Will of the Father through programs of Light orchestrated by the Hyos Ha Koidesh, the Trinity Lords of Light, and the Paradise Sons, the Supreme Holy Ones that augment the Father's Will. In this way the Programs of Creations are formed and disseminated to the Lower Heavens.

The Angelic Realms

Below these High Holy Ones who surround the Throne of the Father are a descending Order of High Holy Ones, who continue to distribute the Fiat (Will of God) to the lesser Realms of Light. Each is given a further refinement of Divine Energy which is later translated into action or form. The whole process is orchestrated to bring the entirety of God's Kingdom into accord with the Divine Mind. This Divine Mind is quite literally The Mind of God, which is the totality of all Universes within the Multiverse of the Kingdom.

The Cosmic Hierarchy Of Heaven

Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate

The Universe is part of a larger system called the Multiverse, in which all creation of Divine Intelligence is manifested. The Energy that is disseminated throughout the created Realms even unto the lower dust worlds of God's Creation, is known as the Scriptures of Light. These Scriptures of Light are the redemptive factor for the lower worlds of unascended life forms, and it is through the receptivity of these Divine encodings that the Teachings of the High Holy Ones can be distributed to the minds of lower thoughtforms. Even in an ascended state, the understanding of these Grand Scriptures of Light are imparted as a developing soul climbs ever further up the ladder of full Enlightenment and Upliftment. It is through the acquisition of the Gematrian Light, which is part of the Divine Spark of Divinity within each soul, that these Higher levels of Christ Consciousness can be attained through the dissemination of these sacred Scriptures. In this way the lower worlds of unawakened consciousness can be transformed and rejoin the race of advanced consciousnesses called the Christ Race, so that they too may participate in the Higher Realms of Experience.

The Milky Way Galaxy Over Earth

The Milky Way Galaxy Over Earth


In our local Universe it is the Light Formations of the Kolab (The Great, Great Central Sun System) that distributes the Light patterns of Intelligence that assist all lower forms to a Higher Light Focus. Patterns of Divine Light are sent through from the Parent Universe to local Universes, such as ours, and then disseminated to lesser Sun stations that further relay the Divine patterns of Creation/Evolution to the lower worlds, and hence, to all life forms on those planets designated as Sacred by the Father's Decree.

The Great Central Sun System

There are many stations of distribution and Star-Points (Sacred Lodges) of Deliverance that assist the Brotherhood of Light to comingle with the lower world dust forms to, not only bring the MuOn Wave and God-Force Love waves into the lower Realms (worlds), but also to bring the Teachings of Higher Creation, into Patterns of Recognition accessible to those who are yet unawakened to the Language of Light and Color that constitute the Higher regions of Heaven.

Each Universe has a designated Region or Creator God, who is responsible for the creation and maintenance of that local White-Light Universe. In our case, the Logos of this Universe is Lord Melchizedek, one of the Three Trinity Lords of Light, who has formed in the Name of the Father-Creator Most High this Living System of Intelligence. From this creation and in correspondence with it are the Guardian-Teachers of God's Kingdom, the Great White Brotherhood of Light. Within the 72 Orders of the Melchizedek are the varying degrees of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, who go forth to lesser Stations within the Kolab and hence to the lower dust worlds, such as Earth to bring Enlightenment. Thus the Light Codes of Intelligence as well as the Programs of Christ Conscious Awareness are delivered to each world system so that all may come to experience the Oneness of the Father's Kingdom (Creation).

The Great White Brotherhood Of Light

It is the consciousness of the Father, known as the Consciousness of Alpha and Omega that forms the field Energies of Love that are transmitted from one Alpha-Omega Age to another by the Divine Angelics called the Thrones and Dominions. It is through this Divine Love that we are able to Ascend to the next octave of Creation, and it is the Divine Ones of Heaven, including the Angels, the Elohim and the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Light that make this possible.

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Lord Melchizedek, The Universal Logos & Head of the Order of Melchizedek

Lord Melchior, The Galactic Logos

Helios & Vesta, The Solar Logoi

Lord Buddha, Earth's Current Planetary Logos

Lord Sanat Kumara, Former Planetary Logos & Current Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness

Lady Venus, Goddess of Love, Logos of Venus & Divine Complement to Sanat Kumara


Lord Maitraya


Great Lord The MahaChohan

MIghty Victory - from Venus

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Ray One / Michael & Lady Faith

Ray Two / Jophiel & Lady Constance

Ray Three / Chamuel & Lady Charity

Ray Four/ Gabriel & Lady Hope

Ray Five / Raphael & Lady Mary

Ray Six / Uriel & Lady Aurora

Ray Seven / Zadkiel & Lady Amethyst

More About the Archangels


The Cosmic Angel

Lord Metatron / The Angel of Light

The Divine Director


The Twelve Mighty Elohim are known as the Creator Gods, the Light beings God created to help Him create the Infinite Universe. In some teachings, the Elohim are called the thought attributes of God, whereas the Archangels are called the feelings of God. The Elohim and Archangels might be thought of as the left and right hands of God; they are, in fact, direct extensions of the Creator. At the top level of Creation are seated the Twenty-four Creator Gods that often go forth to create the Elohistic Realms of Light in the Father's Name. Lower down the ladder of creation there are Elohim, who are responsible for manifesting the Light codes of creation into the lower biophysical forms of the Kingdom. The Twelve planetary Elohim of Earth are also responsible for maintaining a level of care for all such created lifestreams. The Twelve Elohim at this level of creation are divided into the lower planetary Elohim and the five secret Elohim who augment the Greater Plan of the Father within the lower unascended thoughtforms.


The term Elohim means all that God is. The term itself is plural so Elohim refers to many gods.
Elohim is one of the power names of God in the Kabbalah, the book of Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah refers to Elohim as the Divine Mother. The term YHWH (Yod Hey Vod Hey, or Jehovah) refers to the Divine Father. The Greek word for the Elohim is exousiai. Rudolph Steiner, the great German mystic, called the Elohim the spirits of form. In the Bible it describes the Elohim as saying we and our image are the forms in which humans are created.

Elohistic Mantra

One of the most powerful mantras you can say is to chant or sing Elohim. Once you do, you will sense a distribution of direct God-Love Energy coming from these Loving Divine Ones. The frequencies that you will generated just from chanting or singing the single word Elohim is very pure and responsive to the Realms of Heaven.

The Seven Mighty Elohim of the Lower Planetary Rays

There are seven great Elohim associated with the seven lower planetary Rays.
Each of these Elohim has a male and female aspect.

Hercules & Amazonia - Ray 1 - Will & Power of God
Apollo & Lumina - Ray 2 - Love Wisdom
Heros & Amora - Ray 3 - Divine Intelligence
Purity & Astrea - Ray 4 - Harmony through Diversity
Cyclopea & Virginia - Ray 5 - Concrete Knowledge & Truth
Peace & Aloha - Ray 6 - Devotion & Idealism
Arcturus & Victoria - Ray 7 - Ceremonial Magic


The Five Mighty Elohim of the Secret Rays

There are also five Mighty Elohim assisting Mother Gaia & humanity from the five Secret Rays.

Surya - First Secret Ray - Crystal Clear Ray
Hyperion - Second Secret Ray - Peach Ray
Kronos - Third Secret Ray - Ruby Ray
Mighty Cosmos -  Fourth Secret Ray - Aquamarine Ray
Regulus - Fifth Secret Ray - Blue Turquoise Ray

The Divine Qualities of the Twelve Mighty Elohim

Invocations to the Mighty Elohim


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