New Earth Initiatives


The OakRose Academy of Light is pleased to present the following Earth Initiatives for the improvement and upliftment of the consciousness of human endeavor wherever change in systems of control and mismanagement and/or ignorance of the True purpose of life on this planet do occur. We maintain that the human collective itself can bring forth change that fosters well-being, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the New Age of consciousness that is now occurring.

Master Hilarion: If you promote the Highest Ideals for the betterment of humanity, if you are able to see where the downfalls within the old paradigm lie, you can make a difference in the world; you can change that outdated paradigm by your intention. It’s all about intention and attention. By the power of your thought and intention you will prevail.

Master Serapis Bey: Change is the action of God’s Will in the Universe; by entering into the process of change, you serve the world and its potential for upliftment, for Grace, and for a true “Way of Being” that is in accord with Heaven. Never doubt that you as a Lightworker, work for the Highest good of all beings, and that the power of your Love and Faith will bring about true change to your beloved planet Earth.


  • Agriculture and Animals - That a New Earth Paradigm be created to respect all life on planet Earth, including and especially plants, animals and the processes of nature that coexist with humanity on this planet. That plants be nourished with healthy, nontoxic fertilizers, plenty of sunlight, and pure water; that animals be respected and, if in harms way, be relocated to safe zones areas, that the gas, oil, coal, and water ways as well as the atmosphere of Earth be kept pristine and free from commercialization and profiteering; that there comes into human consciousness a greater respect and responsibility for the Stewardship of Mother-Earth and all Her life systems.
  • Ascension - To bring a planetary-wide awareness of the dynamics of a changing world paradigm, one where the consciousness of an individual is part of the Greater Reality of God’s Universe; that human beings everywhere may find a greater peace, love, and quality of life with a Higher Conscious-Awareness of the purpose and process of evolution and connection with the Divine Mind.
  • Business - That business endeavors world-wide may comply with Universal Law of fairness, right action, right intent, right livelihood, and for the well-being of All people they serve. That businesses (large or small) implement the Highest Good of product/service, means, and potential without obstructive gain or mismanagement or ulterior motive.
  • Children - To recognize that all children are beloved of God; that children like adults are "Children of God", created in Love. That each child soul is granted free will in choosing parents, lifestyle, and life goals; that each soul embodiment of a child is an expression of Divine purpose on the path of upliftment and Higher Consciousness.
  • Community - To create Enlightened Communities that establish higher principles for life on this planet; communities that promote loving service, creative action, and a sense of unity and oneness of purpose.
  • Corporate - To empower all workers to be involved in corporate decisions that effect the workforce; that fair distribution of corporate assets be given back to those who have produced what has been made; that corporations everywhere set goals of humanitarian service for the betterment of life and liberty on this planet.
  • Earth Changes - to bring a greater awareness of the importance of Earth changes for the protection and stewardship of Mother Earth and the sanctity of Mother Gaia's angelic consciousness; to establish self-help communities that foster change within the human community that is in accord with planetary shift; to bring a greater sense of the Divine Plan of the Creator into humanity's awareness.
  • Eco System - to develop a more responsible, interactive relationship with Mother-Earth, Nature Intelligence, and the sanctity of Gaia, so that unhealthy environmental impact is completely eliminated and the Earth is once again allowed to flourish and be restored to its original Divine nature.
  • Economy - Creating equitable economic systems that promote wellbeing and abundance for all people everywhere, eliminating the disproportionate wealth for a select few; establishing fiduciary systems that empower and improve human conditions world-wide.
  • Education - To support our children in the Higher Aspects of Consciousness so that they will be more prepared for Nova Earth, the evolving Earth reality. This would ensure a more interpersonal educational paradigm for each student, opportunities for diverse training programs, and a more consciousness-based teaching community.
  • Evolution - Creating teaching and healing modalities for all peoples, where conscious awareness is a guiding force for human evolution; where leadership takes into account the actuality of a New Earth, the Nova Earth Reality.
  • Family - To promote the highest human values of a family unit, -- nuclear families, families of origin, extended families, and global communities, -- so that they may come into accord with Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Wisdom, and the Law of Example. That all individuals within a family unit have equal and unalienable rights to express freely their concerns and opinions as Individuated God-Consciousness beings; that there shall be no prejudice, harm, or retribution for any member of such a family; that harmony within the family unit is the Goal of Life and the platform for well-being and success for each and every family member.
  • Gender Equality - Empowering men, women and families through the raising of their children in a way that values the individuation of children and respect of the elderly, thus creating a new social construct that guarantees a gender-aware, gender-equal, and stereotype-free Way of Being, where everyone may live a life free of gender expectation and prejudice.
  • Government - To create enlightened governments world-wide for the establishment of individual liberty, equality for all and the pursuit of happiness; to bring a higher consciousness of Truth and Integrity into the governments of the world; for each government on planet Earth to be in direct alignment with the "Will to Good", which is the heart of Universal Law.
  • Health - To create global educational systems to raise the consciousness of All peoples everywhere to the importance of their health and well-being; to understand the essential Divine requirement of humanity to nourish and protect the human organism in its transformational process. To provide healthy living choices, optimal dietary programs, and freedom to choose one"s own health-care services as a fundamental Right of human existence for each individual on Earth.
  • Health-Care - To establish a Global Health Care System that encourages and supports optimum health for every human being on the planet, without financial greed, misrepresentation, or obstructive means from those agencies who serve the public. That insurance companies and governmental programs promote and protect health in the human community and assist people when they are ill and/or disabled; that legislative process in every nation on Earth establish laws that respect the Rights and Dignity of all people, granting full and equal access to any and all health industries without limitation or prejudice.
  • Justice - To promote Truth, Fairness and Integrity in the judicial and law-enforcement systems of the world. That all persons being judged are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That just laws focus on rehabilitation and self-improvement rather than imprisonment as the sole option. That all systems of justice incorporate into human law and institutions of justice, God’s Divine Law, which holds to the highest good of every person. That corruption, dishonesty, bribery and brutality within all planetary judicial and law-enforcement systems be eradicated.
  • Media & News - That all media industries report accurately and with compassionate action the Truth of human life, eliminating the exploitation, profiteering and smear campaigns, while reporting faithfully the stories of the nations of the world, whether they are deposing negativity or praising positive conditions of life. That Illumined Truth is the watch word of all journalists; that planetary media is faithfully in accord with the New Earth, the next step in humanity's evolution.
  • Men - To bring into balance the True Masculine Nature within all men, so that they may come into a realization of the integration of their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as Higher Beings of God. That all men everywhere empower mankind to affirm a respectful and honorable accord with a woman's Divine feminine nature; that men everywhere learn to live in the true partnership that is in harmony with the Laws of the Universe, which recognizes all people as being in Divine partnership with God.
  • Oceans - To bring a conscious awareness of the changing dynamics of oceans to land mass, where land mass and ocean volume shall be more in balance upon Earth; to develop a more responsible human interaction with the sea, the sea creatures and the oceans of the world; and to acknowledge that the large sea mammals are intelligent beings who protect the sea and guard human consciousness.
  • Political - To bring all nations to an Association of Nations that promote Life, Liberty and the Awareness of a God-Centered Universe which is Love. That all politicians recognize the ultimate truth of their Divine purpose as representatives of the people of each nation in truth, trust, loyalty and good faith, which are aspects of higher diplomacy, always practicing the principle of the "Will to Good", which is at the heart of God's Divine Law.
  • Religion - To create Interfaith Communities that establish common goals for the upliftment of the human soul. That all systems of Faith follow the tenets of the Golden Rule and God's Universal Divine Law, thus ensuring that the Peace of All men and women are in accord with the Will of God, thus reestablishing the true meaning of the Brotherhood of Man on Earth.
  • Science - To establish a scientific community whose goals are specifically directed toward upliftment, higher consciousness and the evolution of humanity. That the scientific community focuses on the creation of a Science of Consciousness that studies the invisible aspects of human and universal existence; that the scientific community allows all forms of scientific development to be shared universally for the betterment of humanity.
  • Social Networking - To create social networks that inform and empower enlightened paradigms of communication, collaboration and community. That such networking encourages people to a Higher Consciousness, thus creating world-wide conversations where individual and universal respect and social change prevail.
  • Social Equality - That all races are respected as Divine Races; that all aspects of humanity's evolving reconnection with the Divine -- God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha nature, etc. are viewed without prejudice.
  • The Arts - That all forms of creative arts be honored and freely available to all people; that programs of art be universally accessible and affordable. That fine art, music, dance, film, theatre, television programming, radio and internet expressions exemplify the Highest concepts of soul expression so that all forms of negativity and exploitation be expunged from the creation and display of an individual's preferred art form; that a fair and equitable return for any and all art forms when shared with all peoples is universally protected.
  • Women - Empowering women to equal status in professional and private life, allowing freedom for all women to enjoy equal rights and a full and prosperous life no matter what their race, creed or culture may be. That all laws involving the oppression and suppression of women be universally expunged in each nation upon the Earth; that the acceptance of women as aspects of the Divine Feminine be honored and protected in accordance with Universal Law, which recognizes the sanctity of All Beings of God’s Creation.
  • Universal Law - To bring forth a greater understanding of The Law of the Universe, its systems of Creation, Origin, and Light that govern all life everywhere; to recognize that we live in a God-Centered Universe, where the Universe is the "Mind of God", and God is the Universe. This system of Creation is irrevocable, intelligent, and all-loving. Universal Law expresses a free-will, just, loving and equitable existence for All beings who choose to stand in the Light of God's Creation.

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