12 Planetary Rays


The 7 Master Rays

The Rays and the Ray Masters

The Seven Ray-Masters or Chohans of the first seven of Twelve Planetary Rays are Teacher-guides overlighted by the appropriate Archangels and Mighty Elohim. The Chohans, Archangels and Elohim of all the 18 Rays are dedicated to assisting all life on the earthplane to achieve ascension through the dynamic qualities of their specific Divine Ray. They bring with them particular qualities, colors, and sonic vibrations that are integrated within our various energy bodies, and allow us to be conscious of ourselves as these magical, Divine Beings of Light. Each Ray-Master is the guide for that overlighting higher Ray quality and will assist you in the acquisition and opening of that unfolding of God’s Love. The Rays themselves are, quite literally, the unfoldment of God’s Divine Love for humanity so that all who seek the path of Return may achieve liberation.

1. Ray Master: Chohan El Morya, Overlighted by Archangel Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.

2. Ray Master: Chohan Kuthumi, Overlighted by Archangel Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim Apollo and Lumina.

3. Ray Master: Chohan Serapis Bey, Overlighted by Archangel Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora.

4. Ray Master: Chohan Paul the Venetian, Overlighted by Archangels Gabriel and Hope and Elohim Purity and Astrea.

5. Ray Master: Chohan Hilarion, Overlighted by Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, and Elohim Cyclopeia and Virginia.

6. Ray Master: Chohan Sananda (Jesus the Christ) and Magda, Overlighted by Archangels Uriel and Aurora, & Elohim Peace and Aloha.

7. Ray Master: Chohan St. Germain and Lady Portia, Overlighted by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and Elohim Arcturus and Victoria.

The 5 High Rays

The Five Higher Rays of the
12 Planetary Rays

Since August 7, 1972, there has been an additional five higher rays available to Humanity. The five rays, rays eight to twelve, carry a higher vibration of Source Light. They do not have the level of dualities that exist within the first seven rays, and are having an amazing influence on the anchoring and activating of our own wonderful Higher Light and in the actualization of our true nature as Master Beings of Love and Light.


8. Ray Master: Chohan Lady Nada, Eighth Ray of Transcendence, Overlighted by Lord Chietal, and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

9. Ray Master: Chohan Lady Mother Mary, Ninth Ray of Highest Potentials, Overlighted by Lord Goyana, and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.

10. Ray Master: Chohan Allah Gobi, Tenth Ray of Divinity, overlighted by Lord Huertal, and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light.

11. Ray Master: Chohan Quan Yin, Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth, Overlighted by Lord Semveta, and the Brotherhood of the Light.

12. Ray Master: Chohan Lady Pallas Athena, Twelfth Ray of One Unity Consciousness, Overlighted by Lord Ardal, the Mahatma and Mother/Father God.














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