When we choose to call forth the Higher Realms of Heaven, our intervention creates a window between the human world and the Ascended Octave. It is a portal in the fabric of time in which the Great Cosmic Signature of some of the primary Divine Guardians of our race enter deeply into our consciousness, being and world.

The OakRose Academy of Light has joined with our brothers and sisters world-wide to offer decrees, invocations and prayers for the empowerment and upliftment of the World. It is true that we are in transitional times and that the outer world of humanity seems at times harsh and unforgiving.

There are many areas in the world that need our attention through prayer, active decree manifestation and the power of invocation.

We invite you to join the Academy in its global effort to evoke loving change and a Higher Light focus for all of humanity and the Earth.

When we pray we are speaking directly to Creator and the Heavenly Realms of Light that are willing and ready to assist us in our directed word. The power of the spoken word is magnified when the prayers, decrees and invocations are invoked.

When we decree we are commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter for personal and world transformation. We are not just asking for help - we are entering into a dynamic interactive partnership with our Father-Mother God.

When we make the effort to invoke Heaven we are making a specific "Call" that invokes a given purpose or power. When we stand and speak aloud the invocation, we are connecting with Heaven and the Realms of Light as well as the Divine Ones we call forth to evoke a given circumstance for ourselves or the world.



Each word should be carefully considered and delivered with love, respect and compassion. In this way our Call is answered and we are enjoined with Heaven to affect change on the earthplane.

To learn how to give or execute a decree or invocation, we invite you to first read the Ascended Master Serapis Bey's 2016 discourse on Steps to Giving an Invocation.



The Great Invocation

The Mantra of Unification

The Monadic Mantra



Decree for Nova Earth

Decree for Mother Gaia

Decree for All Clergy and Spiritual Leaders Upon the Earth

Infinite Love Decree

Decree for Government

Decree for The Children of the Earth

Decree for Divine Light Illumination

Decree of Releasement From All Earth's Suffering

Decree of Empowerment for the Nation of Australia

Decree for Justice and the Release of Women from Bondage

Decree for Families

Precipitation Decree

Decree for World Abundance

Decree for the South

Personal Decree for Forgiveness



Invocation of Protection - Introductory

Invocation of Protection - Advanced

AA Michael's First Cause of Protection



These 12 invocations and accompanying prayers have been selected to assist you in the creation of your own invocations. Each has a focus of intent imbedded within them and each calls upon a specific Power or Act of Heaven to insure that the call is carried through. The three areas of an invocation are:

  • Introduction and Coning
  • Intent or Body of the Call
  • Closing or Evocation of the Intent

Always seal your invocation with the Amen as it brings the action of Heaven into play.
Always have the sphere of ChristLight protection around you before you invoke; this insures that you are safe and in the direct radiance of Heaven and the High Holy Ones that you are calling forth.

Invocation Of Love To The Goddess Of Love - Lady Venus
Evening Prayer to Shamballa

The Calling Down Of The Sacred Fire Of Heaven
Prayer/Mantra For The World

Invocation To The Trinity Lord Of Light - Archangel Metatron
Prayer To Archangel Metatron

Ascension Call To The Blue Flame Of The Divine Director
Prayer to The Divine Director

The All-Christ Flame Of Eternal Love & Power to Lord Melchizedek & Heaven
Decree to Call The I-Am Presence From Lord Melchizedek

Invocation Of Empowerment to the Goddesses Of The Golden Age Of Light
Prayer for The Command Of Life

Invocation Of Christ Consciousness, Love, Truth & Peace to Lord Sananda
Prayer of Wholeness & Completeness to Lord Sananda

Invocation of Divine Mission of Love to Lady Magdalene
Prayer of Love to Mary Magdalene

Invocation Of Illumined Truth to Lady Quan Yin
Prayer/Gift from Saint Germaine

Invocation of Freedom & Release to The Goddess Liberty
Prayer to The Goddess Liberty

Invocation of Peace to Lord Peace & Lady Aloha
Prayer of Peace

Invocation of Justice to Lady Portia & Saint Germaine
Prayer for Justice

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The Law of the Mind is that thoughts create reality and energy follows thought. When you chant the name of God, you eventually become that which you are chanting. If you say the name of God enough times it has the effect of cleansing your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to the point that they reflect only God.

The consistent use of mantras, words of power and repetition of the names of God are important spiritual tools to personal upliftment and spiritual development in your life.

Included on this page are a variety of universal names of God, mantras, and words of power that will assist you in a devotional practice that will:

  • Change your vibratory consciousness
  • Empower you with faith, trust and love
  • Develop your four-seven Body System
  • Protect you from glamour, illusion, maya and negative energies
  • Give you a sense of inner awareness and peace
  • Align you with Source (God the Father)
  • Foster enlightenment and your True Buddha Nature
  • Assist you to acquire your Body of Light Awareness
  • Bring you to a greater sense of Your Higher Self, Christ Consciousness Awareness


The chanting of mantras or names of God help to build your Lightbody, which is the body you will use in your ascended state. The more you chant God’s name, the more that name becomes the centre of your consciousness. The mantra is like a seed that will eventually grow into a beautiful tree. The tree is symbolic of God-realization.



The consciousness that evolves out of the repetition of prayers, mantras, decrees and Words of power unfold in you like a living Light, empowering every aspect of your spiritual life. It is like a rose unfolding, a beautiful bud becoming a Christ-like Rose in full bloom.



The ultimate purpose of reciting the names of God or mantras is to blend your individual consciousness with God-consciousness. The name of God or mantra helps you to become aware of your true nature as the eternal self, awakens your higher facilities, and raises your consciousness to that level of that particular mantric resonance.

Each one of us has one or several particular mantras, names of God, and words of power that we will respond to strongly. There is no right or wrong, so be willing to experiment and have fun by trying out different ones. Let your intuition guide you. You will be amazed at the tremendous amount of joy, love and Light that you generate.




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