OakRose Community Weekly Global Meditations

Each week the members of the OakRose Satsanga community choose a theme dear to their hearts and include that theme in their daily meditation practice for that week.

We post a list of recent themes here, to encourage visitors to the OakRose Website to join us in actively meditating on ways to assist humanity and all aspects of planet Earth to move forward on their ascension/transformation path.

Meditation Themes

  • For all young ones to be Liberated and Free from affliction through the acceptance and embodiment of Divine Love and light
  • For the Awakenment of All Children on Earth who are not yet Enlightened
  • To bring forth the Divine Goddess Energy on Earth so that All Good Things can be manifested in the world
  • To bring forth Joy, Compassion and Uprightness to the Service Industry
  • To bring forth the Will to Good within all aspects of the US government and all governments around the world
  • For the Healing of All Families who are burdened by grief
  • For the opening of the I Am Presence within All Women worldwide
  • To bring forth the power of the Divine Feminine to All Women worldwide
  • To bring God’s Love into the Hearts of all those who are dominating or oppressing others throughout the world
  • To liberate the South (USA) from all forms of oppression & narrow mindedness 
  • To liberate poverty consciousness throughout the world and bring forth Divine Abundance to all of humanity
  • To support the Action and Transformation of Mother Gaia as she transcends to her next Greater Reality.


Examples of specific Global Meditations are included in the Decrees & Devotions section of our website.










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