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As we move more into the awareness in the Age of Aquarius, we are coming ever closer to enlightenment and at-one-ment with Creator Source. The Ascended Masters have come to guide and teach us about the awakened path. Each of the great Teachers, who have themselves previously taken the path of Masterhood, have dedicated themselves to serve humanity in our evolution back to Prime Source.

This ancient dedicated Path of Masterhood is available to all of us now, as we choose the Initiatory Path, the Path of Light that leads us Home.

As a Healer, Teacher, Priest, I have learned to understand and channel the Masters through voice channeling. I also offer readings from the Teachers to help and guide you upon your path of liberation. The Ascended Master-Teachers also assist in the advanced Master Classes, the Ascend in Love Workshops, and the OakRose Training Institutes, as they co-teach with me the tools necessary for individual liberation.

My husband, Hilary Melchizedek is a certified Spiritual/Transformative facilitator as well as a Melchizedek High Priest, Healer & Teacher; he also assists me in bringing forth the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for Earth's next Evolutionary step.

We are all about to enter into the next Dimension of Reality; awakening our inner True nature and leaving behind the trials and tribulations of third dimensional duality.

Private Readings with the Ascended Masters are available by appointment and you can email me directly at:

Facilitation for small groups or corporations are booked through Rev. Hilary at:
Master Class and Introductory weekend trainings are by registration through PayPal and inquiries can be made at



The Academy offers a range of courses that introduce the student to various aspects of the Masters' Teaching. Many of the classes are interactive with the overlighting Ascended Master, and some are taught by myself or advanced Chelas of the Master. Below is a list of Academy courses. Please note that some are extension courses that go over a period of months, while others are either weekend workshops or short term introductory programs.

  • An introductory class on Spiritual Awareness that gives an overview of the world's esoteric practices and Mystical Traditions.
  • Authentic Self-Realization. This is a three step training in self-realization, communication and leadership that will advance your awareness in the world and in your spiritual path.
  • An Intermediate class in Higher Consciousness that examines Esoteric and Judeo-Christian Mysticism through the lens of a gifted spiritual teacher.
  • Advanced Master Classes on Ascension that collaborate with the Ascended Masters to educate students on the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood of the Light.
  • A year-long, twice monthly course on Aspects of Esoteric Christianity that fosters a clearer understanding of the Teachings of Jesus and the Great White Brotherhood of Light as seen from a Gnostic viewpoint.
  • Healing weekend Institutes that offer three levels of instruction and wisdom in planetary, Cosmic and Aetheric healing modalities under the guidance of the Ascended Master Healer-Teachers.
  • Spiritual weekend Institutes that offer an opportunity to experience the Ascended Master's way of devotion and connection with Creator-Source.
  • Ascend in Love Tours that bring the Ascended Masters and their Teaching of Higher self-awareness to spiritually advanced people around the world.
  • Individual Readings/healing sessions with the Ascended Teachers, where you discuss and receive advice/guidance and aetheric healing from the Ascended Masters. This is offered in this section as a supplement to the Ascended Love Tour workshops.
  • Four annual Ceremonies of Light and Life that create a Sacred Space in Divine cooperation with the Company of Heaven and the Realms of Light to promote God's Divine Plan and the upliftment of humanity.
  • Evolutionary Consciousness and Evolutionary Leadership Training that brings transformative awareness to the global community.
  • The Academy also offers a series of introductory classes that convey the basic teachings of Judeo-Christian mystical and esoteric teachings. These teachings are in accord with the Ascended Master Teaching of the Law and Higher Consciousness.




Hilarion Healing Institutes

The Academy offers one or two Healing Institutes per year. Healing Institutes are typically under the direction of Ascended Master Hilarion, who is himself a Master Healer both on the inner plane of reality and on the Earthplane dating back to the fourth Century AD.

The training includes a three to four day in-house residency, where the registered students participate in meditation, communal meals, preparation, clean up, soji (brief housekeeping), and the core Teaching given in group morning and afternoon sessions.

The Teaching for Healers ranges from the beginners, to the intermediate, then onto the advanced level. Master Hilarion is assisted by other Ascended Master-Teachers who share their knowledge and experience on a given topic. The Ascended Master Teachers give discourses and the group is lead in experientials through the various modalities of healing available to Lightworkers at this time. This includes planetary, Cosmic and Aetheric modalities of healing. There is a Healer's manual that includes the Master discourses and supporting materials.

Each institute builds on the previous one, and students graduate with a certificate of Healership appropriate to their level of comprehension and ability. During each weekend the Masters facilitate a higher awareness in the blossoming master healer, as students experience consciousness at the Ascended Master level.

This is an awesome opportunity to hone one's healing skills and work at levels of consciousness not typically accessed on Earth at this time.

Kuthumi Spiritual Institutes

The Academy offers annual Spiritual Institutes with Lord Kuthumi, who is the Ray-Master of Love-Wisdom in the Spiritual Hierarchy, where participants engage in a four-day weekend of devotion focused on either the Father-Creator's Divine Names or the Mother-Creator's Divine Names. This is a Buddhist style retreat that includes devotional reading, singing, meditation, extended periods of silence, prayers, shared meals and housekeeping as well as community service.

A weekend with Lord Kuthumi is an awesome, life-changing experience, as his teaching is of the Great I-Am Consciousness and his ability to overlight the devotions and service is phenomenal.
This institute is typically limited to 7 participants and is considered to be a very sacred retreat.


The Academy offers Spring and Fall Master Classes for the New Age Consciousness with Master Serapis Bey. Topics range from acquiring one's I-AM consciousness, working with one's Lightbody, knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Realms of Heaven to Advanced teachings of Divine/Universal Law.
Master Class content is based on the needs of the registered students. Master Serapis teaches in a Socratic (interactive) mode and requires students to engage with him on a variety of topics. He considers homework to be soulwork and each student submits responses to questions he offers to the class; he then makes a personal response to each student.

Classes are typically in a framework of 8 fortnightly meetings via Monday night conference call and are three hours in duration. These classes are not residential. If you haven't experienced working directly with an Ascended Master in a teaching format, you have quite an experience ahead of you.
Classes are restricted to 15 participants, so that the Master may engage with each person on that night's topic.

Applying and Understanding Universal Law Master Class Syllabus

Divinity in the New Age Master Class Syllabus

Sample MSB discourse from Divinity in the New Age

Nova Earth Master Class Testimonials




An Introduction to Spiritual Awareness

This course is taught by Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek and/or the Academy's senior chelas. It offers participants an overview of basic mystical traditions around the world including Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Esoteric Astrology, and a general overview of Kabballah. It also includes an elementary overview of the Path of Ascension and the Ascended Master Teachings, including definitions, background and the esoteric evolution of the human race.

Authentic Self-Realization

This course is taught by Rev. Hilary Melchizedek, who is a certified Transformational Facilitator. The course includes Buddhist and esoteric perspectives of living authentically. The three levels are: Being Authentic, Authentic Communication & Authentic Leadership. The format for these classes typically are one or two day workshops and are held in various locations either in Santa Fe or in other interested communities/cities. To register or make inquiries please email:

Where Two or More Are Gathered

This is a year long, (twice-monthly) course taught by Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek held in an intimate group setting. A major study of esoteric Philosophy and Spirituality is undertaken. This is a step by step investigation into the Esoteric Teaching of Ascension and personal liberation. The text used will augment the study group and participants will have two weeks to read and ponder the course materials. This is an exquisite opportunity to fine-tune your higher spiritual awareness of Judeo-Christian teachings and delve deeply into your core beliefs and inner knowing. A certificate of Achievement will be awarded at the end of the year.

Ascend in Love Tours

The OakRose Academy of Light brings the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to local communities around the world. The Master-Teachers speak through their clear-voice channel, Reverend AliceAnn Melchizedek, in small group interactions, where the theme of the workshop ranges from Earth's Ascension to Soul Awareness and Empowerment; from the Teachings of the Divine Rays to Self-Realization; and from Higher Consciousness to Evolutionary Leadership.

Bookings are made when a group of 20 or more have registered in a host location.
For further information or to be placed on OakRose Academy's waiting list, please email us at:


Evolutionary Consciousness & Evolutionary Leadership Training

The Academy offers regional weekend workshops in Evolutionary Consciousness and Evolutionary Leadership through the facilitation of Rev. Hilary & AliceAnn Taylor.

Each facilitator is skilled in either Transformative or Transpersonal applications to Higher Consciousness and the qualities of leadership most needed in a transformative global community. Weekends include but are not limited to: training in self-empowerment, becoming authentic, expansion of consciousness-awareness, techniques for facilitation of Higher Consciousness and leadership skills.

Bookings are by request of a host in a given location as well as pre-registration of all participants. Additionally, private individual readings/healings are available by appointment. Email invitations will be sent two months prior to the event as well as local advertisement.

For further information on AliceAnn and Hilary Melchizedek's facilitation credentials, please see our flyer on this website.

To book a Facilitation Training for ten or more people, please contact Rev. Hilary Taylor at

Nova Earth Master Class Testimonials

I, as channel for these Nova Earth Master Classes, would like to say how grateful I am to my Teacher, Master Serapis Bey, for coming forth to arrange a class such as this. We truly had the opportunity to touch in deeply to 5D reality and learn how to manifest the New Earth in just eight class gatherings. I am grateful too to all the people who jumpt right in to doing these classes even though none of us had a clue as to what Master would teach. What a joy. I too enjoyed every class, although as channel I was limited in what I could contribute. I found that as Master reviewed everyone's soul-work (homework) there were depth in people that I as earth-based would have never gleaned, even with all my degrees in psychology. To see and feel the Love and Wisdom pouring forth from Master Serapis for each and every one was truly humbling and very beautiful. Then the classes themselves, although long for a channel to do, were uplifting, loving and always interactive. I am looking forward to doing this again in the Fall under the guidance of the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Thank you Master Serapis, for your love, your understanding and your clarity, for you reached the hearts of all of us. God Bless you, dear teacher. AA, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The classes have been so amazing, and it has helped me a lot in understanding things in a certain way. So it has helped me quite a bit, and I truly appreciate the class and really appreciate everyone coming in and giving their answers in their own way. Individuals have helped me who are in the class, even they have helped me. In these last eight classes I have seen and felt everyone grow basically, and everyone grew on their own time, on their own level, and it's really beautiful to see that. I just want to say that I'm truly happy for all of you and myself. S/AM Florida

What it did for me is it brought me full circle. I had taken other classes, and I had learned many things back then, but it wasn't quite clear enough for me. But it anchored that knowledge that I needed. I had learned about the five higher bodies, but it was at a point where I wasn't really ready to pay attention until, as it brought it back to me, then it was like oh, this is what I learned back then, or this is where I came across that. And it was just so awesome to learn from other people. It was just so awesome to be a whole body, a whole community of light. Even though I haven't met many of you, I already know you. And so I just want to thank everybody. PR, Santa FE New Mexico

I think one of the most beautiful things about the whole realization of this class and meeting all these people is the oneness that we all share with the love of God. And I think as we go forward and we go out into the world, other people will see that, the light within us and they will be attracted to that light and we will really be able to bring them up to their divinity and understanding within themselves that they too are beautiful beings of light. AB, Simi Valley California

I found the class to be very enlightening. The greatest thing I've gotten from the class is more courage to teach and to share the light that I have received or that I am and to have more courage in my teaching.-- MM, the Bahamas

When I first started, I thought Oh God, these people know more than I do, and I'll never know what these people know. But I feel like I have transcended to such a higher level and it just feels so good. Now I think I know a lot more. I don't know what they learned, but I'm sure they learned a heck of a lot. They're my brothers and sisters in love. DC, San Antonio Texas

What's really stood out for me is that we've all expressed our wisdom and our love, or the love that comes to us from the Source, each of us in our own way, and all of these ways are true. It's not like we have to compare ourselves to one another. There isn't such a thing. We have the knowledge that we need within us, each one of us. MD, Eugene Oregon

For me, I have noticed the most amount of change in myself over the last month. Definitely there has been a shift that has been for me very powerful and worth everything. On an energetic level and on a personal who I am level, that for me has been worth all of it. It's been really profound for me. LE, Sebastopol, California

This class has been amazing for me, and the input of all the other students has really helped me because it gives so many different ways of coming at the same thing that it really broadens my ability to understand what's happening. I really have appreciated everything from you, (Master Serapis Bey), and AliceAnn and all the students. JC, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

Considering I really didn't want to take the course, I really do see the benefits of it in that it is the wisdom that has come forward into my consciousness and anchored there, because a lot of the knowing I had, but this just clarifies it, strengthens it and anchors it into my being. So this will never leave now. I won't forget anything from this point. I really did appreciate everybody else's input too, because it's really great to see and to hear the different ways we come at it. We're all going to the same place. We all know that, but everybody has their own unique method and their own path, and that's just another affirmation that we are all an integral piece. We all have an important part to play. So that really brings that home too, of understanding that everybody's gift is truly different, and that is why all our understandings are different and why we all have a different knowing with it, and it's absolutely marvelous. Thank you. KD, Calgary Canada

I would like to first thank everyone in the class for all the wonderful energy. It was as if I was standing at a precipice and was able to slowly make my way through with deeper understanding. What it felt like everyone's energy was in different colors, so it felt like a kaleidoscope of color. KD, Sacramento California

This has been the biggest blessing to me. It's opened my eyes to so many different things. It's like when I first went to the intensive. It's just what I have waited for all my life, and it just keeps unfolding and unfolding and unfolding, and the joy and the pleasure and getting to know the other people and seeing their perspective on things and learning from them. We learn from each other, and it's just been such a beautiful thing. It's been the most beautiful experience I've ever had. Thank you so much. AL, Thousand Oaks California

What I want to point out is for teachers on the Earth, it's always said that they have to hold the students and see them in the highest versions of themselves, and I just wanted to say thanks to you (Master Serapis Bey) for helping us to see what you already see. I'd like to thank the class for just being there and rising to the occasion, because I know I was stretched and I believe many of us, just reading the words that came from everybody's hearts. Everybody seemed to grow and evolve, and as you grow, we all grow. So I'd like to thank you for that mutual upliftment. YR, The Bahamas

What I received as a result of taking the Master Class with Master Serapis Bey was an in-depth understanding of the Spiritual Hierarchy and how to move forward on the Path of Ascension. A key benefit that all members of the Master Class receive is clarification of our 3D habits and patterns that we need to consciously transform in order to raise our consciousness to the level required for our next level of spirituality. I enjoyed all of master Serapis Bey's teachings, especially the soulwork that was so crucial to my understanding of who and where I am. RHT, Melbourne, Australia





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